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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Evanston, Illinois

Fire is actually a more desirable situation than water damage, since fire can be easily extinguished if discovered early on, but it still has the ability to deliver a serious blow to any home or business in or around your area. Scorched walls and furniture, coupled with smoke damage that can be spread throughout the house, far beyond the location of the blaze itself, all mean considerable restoration effort. 

RESTORATION PROS offers a complete array of fire and smoke damage restoration services Evanston, Illinois designed to repair the damage, eliminate smoke odor, and return the home to its original state. Fire Damage will not improve on its own, and will need to be professionally restored before it is safe for continued occupation. Call the professionals at RESTORATION PROS  888-637-6361 for all of your  fire damage problems.

fire damage, fire and smoke remediation

Fire and smoke damage restoration Evanston, Illinois is a process that needs to begin as soon as the property has been deemed safe by officials, and is designed to mitigate any and all damage that occurs as a result of fire, smoke, and heat, not to mention the accompanying water damage. RESTORATION PROS is available 24/7 to provide a complete range of fire and smoke damage restoration services.

In the immediate aftermath of a fire on your property, it is important to call in the restoration professionals at RESTORATION PROS immediately. The sooner you begin the process, the less likely it is that your property will suffer subsequent damage. We recommend that you open all windows to start clearing the property of smoke and soot, since both contain powerful and toxic carcinogens that can adversely affect your health.

Fires can also cause significant damage to the structural integrity of the home, making it prone to collapse. For this reason alone, professional, experienced restoration services are needed to preserve the beauty and safety of the property. 24/7 emergency service means we can have a technician on site within hours of the fire, and we are able to handle even the largest cases of fire and smoke damage Evanston, Illinois. All of our personnel are properly certified in all areas of fire restoration, which means we know how to take care of your unique needs.

Water and foam can create a very messy post fire environment, and with that comes the threat of mold, which can show up within 48 hours of a fire and be extremely difficult to properly remediate. Similarly, power and gas should be shut off until repairs are affected, since damaged electrical units present the threat of electrical shock, and leaking gas will not mix with smoldering ash of open flame.

A fire is any homeowner’s worst nightmare, since sudden and unexpected blazes can ravage a home or business in a matter of minutes, destroying the structure, personal items, valuable inventory, etc. The damage left behind can be considerable, and will require specialized restoration treatment in order to fully recover. In addition to fire, smoke can cause serious damage to walls, flooring, carpets, and upholstered furniture. Many of the elements used to combat fires, such as water and foam, can also cause damage.

Because we handle all areas of restoration, RESTORATION PROS can take care of all problems related to both the fire and any water issues that may be a result of the efforts to extinguish it. No stone will be left unturned and we will treat your property as if it were our own. You can rest assured of a first rate job, done right, the first time, because we stand behind everything that we do.

RESTORATION PROS has experience in all areas of water, fire, and mold restoration Evanston, Illinois. The RESTORATION PROS staff is also certified and experienced, which means they are able to properly assess your specific problem, plan a course of action and begin the restoration process. Prompt response and immediate service means that your water, fire, or mold damage is taken care of, and all work is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee. 

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